Oh Yes We Can Love: La Storia Della Musica Glam, Dal 28 Ottobre In 5 CD!

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Oh Yes We Can Love: A History Of Glam Rock – 5 CD Universal -28/10/2013

Alcuni dei brani contenuti sono Glam come me e, come nel caso del Box della Rhino sulla Musica Gotica, A Live Less Lived, centrano come i cavoli a merenda (i Bauhaus sono in entrambe le compilations, per essere Glam basta fare un pezzo di David Bowie?), ma è proprio il bello di questi cofanetti, spesso è più interessante l’involucro del contenuto (però francamente Howlin’ Wolf glam, avete presente l’omone e la voce, per non parlare del genere?). E ci sono moltissimi altri esempi.

Per fortuna non costerà neppure moltissimo, sotto i 50 euro. Leggete la lista e giudicate da voi. Vi sembra manchi qualcosa? (Per esempio di Bowie solo una canzone e tra le tante proprio quella!).

1. Noel Coward: Mad Dogs And Englishmen
2. Chuck Berry: Around and Around
3. Little Richard: Ooh My Soul
4. Vince Taylor & the Playboys: Brand New Cadillac
5. Max Harris: Gurney Slade
6. Anthony Newley: Bee Bom
7. Billy Fury: Jealousy
8. Howlin’ Wolf: You’ll Be Mine
9. Jacques Brel: Amsterdam
10. The Velvet Underground: I’m Waiting For My Man
11. David Bowie: London Bye Ta-Ta
12. The Stooges: 1969
13. The Kinks: Lola
14. Hot Legs: Neanderthal Man
15. Burundi Steiphenson Black : Burundi Black
16. Curved Air: Back Street Luv
17. Fanny: Charity Ball
18. The Murgatroyd Band: Theme From Magpie
19. Chicory Tip: Son Of My Father
20. T Rex: Hot Love
21. Slade :Coz I Luv You

1. Mott The Hoople: All The Young Dudes
2. Lou Reed: Walk On the Wild Side
3. Roxy Music: Virginia Plain
4. T Rex: Metal Guru
5. The Osmonds: Crazy Horses
6. Dana Gillespie: Andy Warhol
7. Suzi Quatro: Can The Can
8. New York Dolls: Looking For A Kiss
9. Nazareth: This Flight Tonight
10. Sweet: Ballroom Blitz
11. Cozy Powell: Dance With The Devil
12. David Essex: Rock On
13. Wizzard : Angel Fingers (A Teen Ballad)
14. Elton John: Bennie and the Jets
15. Barry Blue: Dancing On A Saturday Night
16. Alvin Stardust: Ma Coo Ca Choo
17. Lulu: The Man Who Sold The World
18. Mick Ronson: Growing Up And I’m Fine
19. Cockney Rebel: Judy Teen

1. Sparks: This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us
2. Hello: Tell Him
3. Mud: Tiger Feet
4. Jook : Bish Bash Bosh
5. Bryan Ferry: The ‘In’ Crowd
6. Patti Smith Group: Piss Factory
7. Cockney Rebel: Tumbling Down
8. The Glitter Band: Angel Face
9. Kenny: The Bump
10. The Rubettes: Sugar Baby Love
11. Fox: Only You Can
12. KISS: Rock And Roll All Nite
13. Sailor: A Glass Of Champagne
14. Ian Hunter : Once Bitten Twice Shy
15. Arrows: I Love Rock and Roll
16. Bay City Rollers: Saturday Night

1. Blondie: Rip Her To Shreds
2. Be Bop Deluxe: Ships In the Night
3. The Runaways: Cherry Bomb
4. ELO: Rockaria!
5. The Ramones: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
6. The RAH Band: The Crunch
7. Rock Follies: OK?
8. Ultravox!: RockWrok
9. Ace Frehley: New York Groove
10. Judas Priest: Take On The World
11. Boney M: Rasputin
12. Generation X: Valley Of the Dolls
13. Human League: Rock and Roll Part Two / Nightclubbing
14. Magazine: The Light Pours Out Of Me
15. Adam and the Ants: “Antmusic”
16. Department S : Solid Gold Easy Action
17. Bauhaus: Ziggy Stardust
18. Dead Or Alive: That’s The Way (I Like It)

1. Sigue Sigue Sputnik : Love Missile F1-11
2. Hanoi Rocks : Up Around The Bend
3. Sisters Of Mercy: Emma
4. Morrissey: Glamorous Glue
5. Suede: Metal Mickey
6. The Fall: Glam Racket
7. Carter USM: Glam Rock Cops
8. Glam Metal Detectives: Everybody Up
9. Saint Etienne :Star
10. Earl Brutus: The SAS and the Glam That Goes With It
11. Gay Dad: To Earth With Love
12. Marilyn Manson: The Dope Show
13. Pulp: We Are The Boys
14. The Darkness: Growing On Me
15. Goldfrapp: Strict Machine
16. The Ark: Clamour For Glamour
17. Foxy Shazam: Unstoppable

Ci vediamo domani con la recensione di Tedeschi Trucks Band.

Bruno Conti

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